Idan Abolnik: The Visionary Behind the Kalah Combat System

Idan Abolnik is not just a name in the world of self-defense and combat training; he’s a force to be reckoned with. Born and raised in Israel, his journey from a small town called Beer Sheva to becoming the founder of the Kalah Combat System is nothing short of inspiring.

A Formidable Background

From a young age, Abolnik displayed a keen interest in martial arts and self-defense. At the age of 18, he began his service in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), joining the elite Sayeret Golani unit. This unit is known for its rigorous training and high-risk operations, and Abolnik’s time here would shape his understanding of real-world combat.

Throughout his service, he participated in various special units, from being an officer in the “Golani Unit” – one of the IDF’s toughest units – to serving as an air marshal, sniper, and even a bodyguard for various Israeli ministers and the former Israeli president. His extensive experience in these roles made him a recognized expert in handling violent situations and potential threats.

Post-Military Ventures

After completing his military service, Abolnik didn’t rest on his laurels. He transitioned to the private sector, working as a security expert and bodyguard for an international security company. Here, he trained government agencies, police and military units, airlines, and private companies worldwide.

However, it was during this period that Abolnik began to critically evaluate the existing self-defense techniques, particularly Krav Maga. He felt that many of the commercial Krav Maga techniques were not effective against real-world threats, especially when the opponent resisted aggressively.

The Birth of KALAH

Driven by a desire to create a more effective combat system, Abolnik started developing his own techniques. In 2003, he introduced a system initially known as “True Krav Maga.” However, as it evolved, it became known as the Kalah Combat System.

Kalah is not just another self-defense technique; it’s a reflection of Abolnik’s experiences, insights, and understanding of real-world threats. Unlike commercial Krav Maga, which Abolnik felt had become more sport than survival, Kalah emphasizes real-world applicability and effectiveness.


Idan Abolnik’s journey from a soldier in the IDF to the founder of the Kalah Combat System is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and vision. He saw the gaps in existing self-defense techniques and took it upon himself to create a system that truly prepares individuals for real-world threats. Today, the Kalah Israeli Combat System stands as a testament to his vision and dedication to the art of self-defense.

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