First-Hand Kalah Instructor Course Experience in South Africa

If you’ve been following our journey, you’ll know that we recently had the incredible opportunity to host a seminar with Idan Abolnik right here in The Netherlands. The experience was so impactful that it inspired us to revisit and adapt one of our most popular articles from 2019. For those who are new or want to relive the intensity of the Kalah Instructor Course experience, you can read the original 2019 article here. This adapted version aims to provide fresh insights and reflect on how the principles of Kalah continue to resonate with us, especially after the recent seminar.

CENTURION (South Africa), 25.02.2019After an intense week of training, Jair successfully completed the Kalah Instructor Course Level 1. Kalah is a realistic fighting method aimed at effectively and efficiently surviving violent encounters. Developed by ex-special forces Israeli Idan Abolnik and his team, this course offers a transformative experience.

First Contact with Idan Abolnik’s Kalah System

As an instructor, you’re always looking to broaden and deepen your knowledge. This led me to a video on Facebook by Idan Abolnik, who was outspoken about the current state of the self-defense industry. His solutions were effective and based on real-world resistance, unlike most self-defense videos that show moves on cooperating training partners.

Arrival in South Africa: The Reality of Violence

Kalah instructor Jan picked me up at Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg (SA), and briefed me on the extreme violent crime rates in South Africa, setting the stage for the urgency of effective self-defense methods like Kalah.

Meeting Course Buddies: Tactical Farmers and SWAT

At the hotel in Centurion, I met course buddies Caspar and Pascal, who were enrolled in Tactical Farmers Instructor Course and SWAT and Close Protection courses, respectively. Their insights added to my mental preparation for the intense week ahead.

The Kalah Studio: Where the Journey Begins

The Kalah studio, run by Idan Abolnik, felt like stepping into a lion’s den. It was a surreal experience, knowing that the next day would mark the beginning of a life-changing journey.

Understanding the Principles of Kalah

The first drill involved a frontal rifle threat, setting the tone for the intense training that would follow. Kalah’s beauty lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, teaching you to tactically use humble body language and seize the initiative when the moment arises.

Reality-Based Drills and Stress Tests

Kalah’s training drills start slow but gradually build up to full aggression, culminating in stress tests that push you to your physical and mental limits. These drills prepare you to instinctively respond to sudden violence.

The Final Test: A Battle of Willpower

The final test was a grueling experience that tested not just my physical stamina but also my mental resilience. Idan’s intense scrutiny and relentless attacks made it a battle of willpower, pushing me to the edge of my limits.

The Future: Bringing Kalah to Amsterdam

I returned to Amsterdam with invaluable experience and plans to start Kalah classes at Taekwon-Do School Amsterdam. The principles of Kalah fit neatly within our ITF Taekwon-Do classes, promising a valuable addition to our training programs.


Kalah is more than just a self-defense system; it’s a transformative experience that prepares you for real-world challenges. If you’re interested in learning life-saving self-defense techniques after this sneak peek into a first-hand Kalah Instructor Course Experience, contact us to find out more about our upcoming Kalah courses.