Kalah Seminar & Instructor Update Course with Idan Abolnik

When Idan Abolnik made his impactful return at the International Instructor Update Course in Prague last year, it was a lightbulb moment for us. We knew we had to bring his expertise and vision to The Netherlands, as the last attempt was nullified by the pandemic. It was this collective aspiration that led to the Dutch Kalah schools—Kalah Amsterdam, Kalah Gelderland-Brabant, and Kalah The Netherlands—joining forces to make this dream a reality: a Kalah Instructor Update Course and a Kalah Seminar with Idan Abolnik in The Netherlands.

The Power of Teamwork: A Collective Endeavor

First and foremost, a hearty salute to Kalah Gelderland-Brabant for their expertise in logistics and operations. They were a cornerstone in the event’s success, from venue selection to promotional activities and even meal arrangements. But let’s not forget, this was a group effort. Kalah Amsterdam stepped up to the plate by co-sponsoring the promotional video and contributing significantly to the event’s marketing. Kalah The Netherlands also played a pivotal role, acting as a liason between us and Idan, and providing his transportation and accomodation. The promotional video itself was a collaborative sponsorship, made possible by Kalah Amsterdam, Kalah Gelderland-Brabant, and Kalah Zuid-Holland. This united front set the stage for an experience that was nothing short of extraordinary.

Training Focus: The Harsh Reality of Multiple Attackers

The seminar zeroed in on multiple attacker scenarios, particularly those involving knives. Recent news reports indicate a disturbing trend among youth in Amsterdam, making this training all the more crucial. In Kalah, there’s no room for error; you either respond decisively or face the consequences.

Instructor Insights

The Instructor Update Course was a melting pot of expertise, featuring instructors from the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and Belgium. The tempo was high, the training intense, and the lessons invaluable. As Idan often says, “If you ‘win’ all the time in training, you’re not really training.” And if you have ever attended a Kalah seminar with Idan Abolnik, you know what he means.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite initial uncertainties about Idan’s availability due to his reservist duties in Israel, the event proceeded without a hitch. The turnout was impressive, promising an even larger audience for future events.

Atmosphere: A Serious Undertaking

The mood was intense yet focused. Idan set the tone early on, reminding everyone of the grave responsibility that comes with teaching life-saving skills. The atmosphere was a stark reminder that self-defense is not a sport; it’s a matter of life and death.

Personal Takeaways

Idan’s teaching skills were a revelation, even for seasoned instructors. His ability to immerse newcomers in complex scenarios within just a few hours was awe-inspiring. The seminar was not about perfecting techniques but about confronting the brutal realities of violence.

Attendance and Skill Levels

The event saw a diverse turnout, ranging from international instructors to Kalah newbies. Everyone pushed their limits, contributing to the overall intensity of the training.

Capturing the Action

Grit Content, a professional video production crew, was on-site to document the high-intensity training. Despite the chaos of knees and headbutts, their equipment remained intact. The footage will serve as both a historical document and promotional material for future events.

A Glimpse into the Future

In an exclusive interview, Idan Abolnik shared his vision for the future of the Kalah Combat System. He emphasized the growing need for self-defense training as violence becomes increasingly prevalent worldwide. Jair Stenhuijs (Kalah Amsterdam) and Masidi Degener (Kalah Gelderland-Brabant) had the honor of interviewing Idan.

What’s Next?

Mark your calendars for November 4th for another Kalah seminar hosted by Kalah Amsterdam, followed by an Instructor Refresher Day. A 5-week Kalah Basics Course by Kalah Amsterdam will commence on November 11th.

Join us on this empowering journey. Reach out to us. Equip yourself with the skills to handle life’s unexpected challenges.