Regular Training & Courses

Kalah Amsterdam routinely hosts Open Introduction Seminars for individuals interested in experiencing a preview of what the Kalah Combat System offers. If you wish to delve deeper, our Kalah Basics Course is available to provide a comprehensive understanding.

For those who complete the Kalah Basics Course successfully, we offer exclusive access to our weekly training sessions and Refresher Courses. For those seeking a more immersive experience, we propose our Personal Training option or the accelerated Kalah Instructor Preparation Course.

Open Introduction Seminars

Kalah Amsterdam frequently hosts complimentary seminars designed to introduce participants to the Kalah Combat System. Attendees will acquire basic principles which will serve as the foundation for handling more intricate scenarios over time. Every technique and tactic imparted will be stress-tested, allowing you to gauge their effectiveness within a realistic framework. These intensive 3-hour sessions are challenging, providing you with a glimpse of what lies ahead in the Kalah Basics Course.

The Open Introductions Seminars are open to everyone. Check out our event calendar for upcoming events.

Kalah Basics Courses

The Kalah Basics Course is an ideal starting point if you’re seeking a comprehensive understanding of the Kalah Combat System’s foundational principles. Despite Kalah’s simplicity, it’s not to be mistaken for ease. Its simplicity contributes to its effectiveness; under stress, there’s no room to ponder over the angle of an incoming attack or consider multiple response options.

In the Kalah Basics Course, the focus is on equipping you with essential skills to counteract common attacks. Over six weekly sessions, each lasting three hours, you’ll engage in rigorous training. The course covers basic defense strategies against a range of threats – from knife attacks and gun threats to chokes, holds, grabs, and punches. We’ll also touch upon some ground situations.

Upon course completion, your acquired skills and knowledge will be put to the ultimate test. This experience will give you a sense of what it’s like to truly fight for your survival, instilling confidence in your newfound capabilities. Engage in the Kalah Basics Course and embark on your journey towards mastering realistic self-defense.

The Kalah Basics Course is accessible to all. We encourage prospective participants to attend one of our complimentary Open Introduction Seminars to determine if the Kalah approach aligns with their self-defense training needs. Check out our event calendar for upcoming courses.

Weekly Training Sessions

Graduates of our Kalah Basics Course are invited to attend our weekly 1-hour specialized training sessions. These sessions serve as a platform for further enhancing your knowledge and honing your skills. You’ll be guided through increasingly challenging and complex scenarios, ensuring continual growth.

Training alongside Kalah instructors and fellow graduates of the Kalah Basics Course guarantees a steep and beneficial learning curve.

Please note, these weekly training sessions are exclusively available to individuals who have successfully completed the Kalah Basics Course or are certified instructors of the Kalah Combat System.

Refresher Courses

Kalah Amsterdam frequently conducts Refresher Courses for those who have successfully completed the Kalah Basics Course. The dual purpose of these sessions is to both reinforce your existing skills, preventing them from fading, and explore new aspects of the Kalah Combat System. These 3-hour sessions are particularly beneficial for those unable to attend our weekly training.

You’ll be training alongside Kalah Basics Course graduates, certified Kalah Combat instructors, and other regular Kalah practitioners, ensuring a rich and rewarding experience.

Please note, these Refresher Courses are exclusively available to graduates of the Kalah Basics Course, certified Kalah Combat instructors, and regular Kalah practitioners associated with Kalah Amsterdam. Keep an eye on our event calendar for upcoming courses.

Personal Training

If you’re looking for a flexible schedule to accommodate your self-defense training, Personal Training at Kalah Amsterdam may be the ideal solution for you. This format allows for one-on-one training sessions at times that suit you best, leading to an incredibly accelerated learning curve.

There are no preconditions for beginning Personal Training with Kalah Amsterdam. If you believe this could be the perfect fit for your needs, we invite you to reach out to us.

Kalah Instructor Preparation Course

The Kalah Instructor Preparation Course offered by Kalah Amsterdam is your express pathway to the Kalah Combat Instructor Course. We design a personalized training plan to ready you for one of the most intense weeks you’re likely to encounter.

To be considered for the role of a Kalah Combat Instructor, a minimum of two years’ worth of weekly training equivalent is required. Through our Kalah Instructor Preparation Course, this extensive training is compacted into a shorter timeframe. This rigorous journey will require immense dedication and may even push you to your physical and emotional limits, but this level of intensive preparation is crucial for tackling the subsequent Instructors Course, often referred to as “Hell Week”.

Should you be prepared for this demanding yet rewarding challenge, feel free to reach out to us.